Flower paper weight

1aeb5de5747cd1b90a0bbe0801113f77I had t research and find out how to make flower paper weights and what I will need to buy to make it. I found this which tells me what I need and in order to tell me step by step what to do.

here is the link below:


I will need the rose and a plastic container that will be easy to come apart. I will need to buy clear polyester casting resin which is what the paper weight is made out from and leave it for 24 hours.

I have already looked up how much it will cost where I can buy it from. But i will have to buy it online as I could not find anywhere that sells it. But i am willing to wait for it to be delivered and start doing it.





I am really interested in doing this to my roses and keeping them alive as much as I canĀ 

I am also going to do this to one of my rose and persent it in my summer show as I want to show off what I have done and the dye of the rose. For the rose to stay a live I will have to wax the rose it won’t stay a live for ever but it will keep it alive longer than it normal does. They also say put the rose up side down and spray hair spray which i will also do as experiment to see how long it last.