Making my project

Today I was painting fake roses due to my real roses did not change colour and dye the petals. So to make the rainbow effect and bright and vibrant colours I decided to paint them. It toke me 2 full days to paint the roses which made a strain on my back from arching my back, But the colours came out amazing I am happy with the outcome but was a messy job. Drying the flowers wasn’t so bad as it was a very hot lovely day which dried the paint very quickly and did not crack which was a risk I was willing to take due to the fabric type the fake flower was and sometimes the paint does not settle into that sort of fabric. I painted the roses Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Green and Purple reason for that is because I thought those colour was the brights and most use colour on flowers. I painted 5 roses as I had 5 clear balls that the flowers was going into.

I bought the fake roses at Dunelm as they had Bouquet ones which i had enough just incase anything happened and i had back up and they was at a really good price £4.99

Dunelm website:



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