Final Outcome

After 3 days I went in college to crack away the plastic clear balls as the polyester casting resin would be dried and had made the round shape, but it went terribly wrong the chemical of the polyester casting resin melted the plastic and made holes and the top bit still had a bit of liquid that did not dry up. I was very annoyed and upset as it did not turn out how I hoped it would, I was really confuses why it didn’t happen as I copied people who done it and toke videos on youtube on how they did it and tips they gave us, I watched more than  videos and they was all the same everyone set it up the same and did it the same way and I copied how they all did it and it ruined and gone totally wrong. My mind went blank and I had no idea what to do next as it was a couple of days still the final show and I didn’t have enough time to dry something again and also I didn’t have enough money to spend more money on the project. But my tutors told me it looked quite effective and I would get away with it and pretend it was meant to be like that, also I had people coming up saying they like the way it looks so I thought I would still go ahead with it and try pull it off. After looking at it for a while and letting it sink in that it didn’t go how I wanted it to I did started to like it but was still upset it didn’t turn out how I wanted it to be but I accepted it and went along with it.



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