For this Project we was given a choice on anything was wanted to do for our major final project, At the time me and my family was starting a little business on flowers, We was doing handmade flowers and selling them I thought as I was doing that it would be great to do it for my final major project I thought it would help the business side by logos, website, business cards and really help me get an amazing grade. At that time I thought as I was doing it with my parents it would benefit me with helping hands and my parents  help me it would help my project and less of a work for me.

For this project I was using be using my past skills I have learnt for the past 2 years being at college and be using alot of research to show my work and development to give gathering information and how I got to my final piece. I will be showing my daily outcomes and explaining why and what use I can use out of it, I will be exploring my creativity side and able to show things don’t go the way I wanted it to go and show things going wrong and learning from the mistakes and sorting it out professionally and making it work. I will be using new skills to gain my confidence and using skills I have learnt to help me with my project and have past review I can use to make my past skills stronger and better. 

For this project and my family business side we made few different flower making such as flower bunches, flower jars and roses in a box, I have showed the pricing side and profit side which showed us the strongest and weakest profit side. I went out selling the flowers myself and written down what flowers we sold the most and how many flowers we had left.

We looked online for best price for buying fresh flowers that won’t take to much out of our pockets and able to gain the money back. From this we learnt the roses in a box was out biggest hit and profit we got from it, we had loads of people asking us to make some for mothers day and we been asked to make some for a wedding also we done it for Easter. After that we haven’t carried on with it because we didn’t have the time for it due to our own work and it was taking to much money out of us which sometimes we didn’t have the money to go blow it on flowers, after the Easter theme flowers we done we made 5 flower jars and only sold 1 which toke a big chunk out of our money and no where near profit, we didn’t want to risk it anymore so we do it now and then with roses in a box.

I have done deep research on flowers it self from meaning to flowers, what does it mean and why people buy flowers, I have found out a lot about flowers which I never knew and some flowers mean some things for people. For this project I found it hard to get decant amount of research and also to adapt it to my final project and able to made a final pieace and a work of art.

In the beginning I wanted my project to be based on website logo and business cards but because me and my family wasn’t putting our 100% effort into the flower business and I knew it wasn’t going to go further I decided to do something bit different but still base it around flowers.

A while ago I toke a picture of this beautiful rainbow rose which just looked amazing and I released you don’t see a lot of the rainbow rose which made me think I could do a rainbow rose myself and show it to people and make people aware you can buy these sort of roses, they are so beautiful and amazing to show off. so I decided to do my project base on that.

After doing some research and watching a few videos I didn’t know how easy it was to make a rainbow rose so I carried on more deeper research and what I could do for my final major project. From watching videos I bought fresh opened roses as it says the better they are open and fresher they are the quicker and better outcome you get with dyeing the roses. So I bought 5 rose stamps some food colouring dye which makes the petals of the rose change colour. Once I did all that I left the rose for 48 hours to drink the colour dye but sadly the rose petals never changed colour which made me had to rethink another way to for a rainbow rose affect so I came up with the idea of buying fake roses and paint them, and I which I never painted them it toke a full 2 days painting which really stranded my back and gave me a bad back for few days and it just toke longer than I thought it would so in my head I which I spay painted them or something put I was thinking about the costing side just incase that failed is well.

The project didn’t go so smoothly my project kept failing even more after fill the flower with polyester casting resin in clear plastic balls the chemical burn the plastic which ruined my whole idea how I wanted the final piece to look like.

Overall this project did not go how I wanted it to go I had to much fails and had to keep thinking of a back up, this project has given be bit of stress and made me feel like giving up at some points because it never went to how I wanted it to go, but I pulled myself together and kept carrying on and thought of something else. This project has been a rollercoaster I always say I try to be stress free with all my previous project but you can never get rid of the stress and be stress free, something you worked so hard for and have this big idea for show when your stress it shows you do really care about this final outcome and want it to look its best to show you done your best, For what I have learnt not always everything will go your way and some things are out of your control and you just need to look ahead and think of something else and that is what I have done.

Overall with my final major project I am delighted with what my final work looks like and people to see how hard I worked for it and the commitment and passion I went through with this project I can not be any happier with what I have shown and able to show my journey through out this project and able to show my step by step. My strength is my research and able to show my idea and what was in my head even though I have had a lot of fails with out those fails I have learnt from I would not have the final work of art I have now. The one thing I have achieved is my stress level and timing I was able to get my final work done earlier and not leave it at last minute and not rushing around which gave my stress free for the first time through out all my privous project.

From this project I have gain new skills such as always have a back up and think positive when doing hand on project when it does not go right. I have able to challenge my self by picking myself back up and continue further and able to think fast to make up with something that has gone wrong. When things fail its a new skills to learn from because you know that some things won’t work such as the polyester casting resin does not mix with plastic it just melts it and also able to learn from your mistake and try something else.

With my character review was most successful was drive and grit. DRIVE:Understand motivation and engagement, And Understand barriers and how to overcome them. GRIT:Understand pressures and expectations of being a student,How to meet deadlines, manage time and understand consequences.

I am happy with my final project and happy with the overall outcome.



Final Outcome

After 3 days I went in college to crack away the plastic clear balls as the polyester casting resin would be dried and had made the round shape, but it went terribly wrong the chemical of the polyester casting resin melted the plastic and made holes and the top bit still had a bit of liquid that did not dry up. I was very annoyed and upset as it did not turn out how I hoped it would, I was really confuses why it didn’t happen as I copied people who done it and toke videos on youtube on how they did it and tips they gave us, I watched more than  videos and they was all the same everyone set it up the same and did it the same way and I copied how they all did it and it ruined and gone totally wrong. My mind went blank and I had no idea what to do next as it was a couple of days still the final show and I didn’t have enough time to dry something again and also I didn’t have enough money to spend more money on the project. But my tutors told me it looked quite effective and I would get away with it and pretend it was meant to be like that, also I had people coming up saying they like the way it looks so I thought I would still go ahead with it and try pull it off. After looking at it for a while and letting it sink in that it didn’t go how I wanted it to I did started to like it but was still upset it didn’t turn out how I wanted it to be but I accepted it and went along with it.


Final finishing touches

On the last day we had to finish off our final piece for the project I final added the Clear polyester casting resin into the clear balls to make the shape and flower in the polyester casting resin, I left it for 3 days for it to go hard and dry up. I put it over a mug for it to balance and keep it still, I left it to dry in a where its dry and in a room temperature as one of the chemicals says to keep it out of heat as it was a very hot week and still had a hot week a head i thought it be best to kept indoors than outside as the temperature outside was 30 degrease.  


Making my project

Today I was painting fake roses due to my real roses did not change colour and dye the petals. So to make the rainbow effect and bright and vibrant colours I decided to paint them. It toke me 2 full days to paint the roses which made a strain on my back from arching my back, But the colours came out amazing I am happy with the outcome but was a messy job. Drying the flowers wasn’t so bad as it was a very hot lovely day which dried the paint very quickly and did not crack which was a risk I was willing to take due to the fabric type the fake flower was and sometimes the paint does not settle into that sort of fabric. I painted the roses Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Green and Purple reason for that is because I thought those colour was the brights and most use colour on flowers. I painted 5 roses as I had 5 clear balls that the flowers was going into.

I bought the fake roses at Dunelm as they had Bouquet ones which i had enough just incase anything happened and i had back up and they was at a really good price £4.99

Dunelm website: http://www.dunelm.com/product/artificial-rose-bouquet-1000001996?searchTerm=roses



I have bought some of my materials for my final project, I have bought Crystal Clear Polyester Casting Resin on eBay and clear round balls from eBay also which is for the polyester to make a round shape which the clear balls will do and then I will undo the clear round balls, then the rose will be in the middle of the balls. it will take few days for it to completely done but hopefully it turns out how I hope it does.

Flower Dye

Today I have bought 5 stems of white roses which cost me £1.50 and I bought 5 different food colouring which was £1 each and I spent £5 in total I bought red,blue,green,pink,yellow to make a rainbow effect on my rose rose. I started tapeing the cups together to put the dye in for the rose to stand in and start drinking the food colouring, I did add water to it. I did all 5 stems and hoped for the best. I left it for 24 hours but sadly nothing happened so I left it for another 24 hours so in total I waited 48 hours and again nothing happened which frustratted me and left me in a rubbish situation and now how to figure out another way to make a rainbow rose.